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07/20/2016 by Alternative Adverts

At Alternative Adverts Ltd, We offers website and mobile site operators the ability to monetize their traffic. The adserver is a contextual Pay Per Click and CPM advertising marketplace offering access to thousands of advertisers, and helping publishers monetize the traffic. Visit for more.

Our adserver offers advertisers a single marketing platform to reach thier targeted audience within Nigeria, Africa, worldwide and across thousands of relevant online & mobile platforms.

Digital marketing via Social networking, newspaper websites, blogs and other forms of digital marketing have taken over the advertising scene. Online advertising has been proven to be the most impactful and cost effective medium of advertising goods, services and events in our time. This is because it is measurable, precise, affordable and target oriented. Visit to rgister as an advertiser.


To monitize your website please visit to register as a publisher and join the league of major websites owners who are already making money as our publishers like,,,,, ,,,, etc. has made it easy to advertise on multiple websites. From a single platform, your advert will appear on most of the Major Nigerian Newspapers websites Online, like Punch, Vanguard, Guardian, Complete Sport, Nigerian Business Directory etc. Also on Major Blog sites and Websites in Africa and beyond at an affordable price.

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